Dear Future Mrs. International

Dear Future Mrs International,

First of all congratulations! Welcome to the sisterhood, among some of the most accomplished women. Take a deep breath and just take it all in. Enjoy every moment at the coronation ball, it goes by so fast.

You're gonna wake up, probably have a morning television interview, then you will go into a meeting with all your Intl sponsors and staff. This meeting is a blur to me, I didn't get any sleep, I was too exhausted and excited to really take any of it in. So TAKE NOTES!

You're gonna have a lot of questions, the best thing to do is write them down and ask Mary. (I wish I had asked more questions.)

It's gonna be overwhelming at first, just be ready…

If you haven't written out a plan, you will need one. Sit down with your husband and family, ask the hard questions: How much travel time you can put into this? Will your family be okay with Mommy being gone? Who can help your husband while you travel?

Then figure out your goals together: What are three things you want to accomplish during your reign? How can we (yes “we” cause it's a family goal) make these dreams become a reality?

Just so you know, I didn't do everything right. I messed up so many times….you will too. It's okay!! Give yourself grace. It's not an easy job, certainly not for the faint of heart.

Make use of your “downtime.” Spend it with the family as much as you can. Make time for your husband, make it a point to have date nights. Thank him for his love and support CONTINUOUSLY. He is sacrificing for you to be Mrs International and fulfil your dreams.

Most importantly, keep God first. Without Him, I couldn't have made it through this year. Spend time reading the word, praying and asking for His will. He will open the doors that no man can shut...and you will accomplish more this way, than YOUR way.

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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