Being the "Mrs."

The most common question I get as Mrs. International is “What does your boys (family) think?” Allot of friends and family notice how busy I am and allot of contestants have noticed I’ve been traveling allot. So, it seems that sparks the question because as a “Mrs.” it’s no secret I have a family to care for and a career to maintain as well. But my immediate response, is “they LOVE it!”

My family is so proud. My boys LOVE having a mom they can brag about and that they are proud of. They actually think it’s really cool. They tell everyone we meet if they already did not know. “My mommy is the International queen!” or “Did you know my mom is a queen?” It makes me laugh but yet warms my heart! They love all the cool things we get to do as a family and the extra traveling we’re doing together as a family. I’m proud that they are so proud. It teaches them through example so many lessons. They see me so involved in Philanthropic work, my passion, working hard, staying healthy, and setting new goals. When it comes to my husband, it’s no secret I’ve won the Husband lottery! He’s the most supportive, encouraging, and present husband. He respects how hard I’ve worked to achieve this and he doesn’t want me to have any regrets with this incredible opportunity I’ve been blessed with. He is truly the most selfless man I know.

The Truth is, I’ve always been this busy though. It’s my nature. I’d be bored if I wasn’t. I’ve ALWAYS done what I am doing now: volunteering, advocating, running a business, coaching, traveling with my husband for work, and most importantly being there for my boys at ALL of those special moments no mommy wants to miss. I am the Type A personality so I’m extremely organized, very competitive, highly ambitious, highly effective at time management, and VERY impatient! So, when I set my mind to something, like making a difference in my platform and making the most of this journey, I take the driver’s seat and put the petal to the metal. Being Type A personality I feel has helped me allot not only in pageants, but in my career and my managing all my boys! It’s a personality trait my husband appreciates but yet I’m sure can get a little annoying at times too, especially when it comes to the holidays and decorating! So how do my boys feel about my journey as Mrs. International so far? They are LOVING every moment, just like I am.

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Melissa Pocza 
Your Mrs. International 2017


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