Pageant Life Lesson #2- Make a List!

There I was, six days before headshots were due for nationals. I showed up to meet with my friend who was willing to take photos for me on such short notice. I had laid out my wardrobe, accessories, makeup for touch ups, hairspray and anything else I could think I may need to get a variety of options. After a 45 minute drive to the studio, I opened my backseat to pull out my bags and my heart dropped. I had forgotten to go back into my apartment and grab all the clothes that were hanging in my doorway!

Now I was stuck confessing that we would either have to reschedule the photoshoot for 1.5 hours from now (the amount of time it would take me to drive home and back), or for another day. His calm demeanor actually made me get teary, which now meant I was also going to have to touch up my makeup adding even more time to my delay.

Thankfully, I was with a friend who didn’t charge me extra for wasting his time. However, this could have been MUCH worse! I learned that under pressure I can forget even the most obvious things, including my clothes. That day I committed to always making a list for every event and appearance. My advice would be that you do the same so that you never experience what I went through. In pageants and in life, it’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

In health and happiness,

Kelsey Craft
Miss International 2017


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