A Few Interview Tips Before Nationals

My recent adventures included judging a few of the state pageants. I asked the contestants some very important factors that they will need before arriving in Charleston. I was surprised some were stumped, some were your general prepared answers, but maybe one out of a dozen answered as if they were ready for a national interview.

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with all of you a list of some very important tips for those that are new to International pageants and for those that are returning as regionals but possibly may have not have included these very important aspects in their one on one interviews with EACH judge.

I’ve expressed before the International crown in NOT a crown that sits on a shelf! It’s in its travel case headed to the next destination or on your head as a sparkly megaphone to spread your voice and the brand! We ALL come with a purpose, each of us a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts, so use this preparation time to make your passion known! An International crown is one that symbolizes beauty, brains, AND a servant’s heart! So here is a quick list of some important interview tips before nationals:
  • Have a plan of action! What are goals as Mrs. International?
  • Get involved with a national organization that backs your platform
  • Judges WILL research you, get involved and GET OUT THERE… NOW!
  • Know statistics, but know your CONNECTION to your platform means more
  • Know our agency alliance, American Heart Association, and key points
  • Highlight your strengths! What separates you from the rest?
  • Make the judges FEEL your genuine intentions, what’s your story?
  • Know the International brand, what it stands for, and it’s key executives!
  • Its Nationals! What out of your interview will set you apart from 60+ contestants?
  • What do you want EACH judge to remember about you?
  • Why International Pageants?
These are just a FEW things to consider and work on before July! If you ran through these questions, and you were unclear or maybe it took you a few minutes, or you didn’t answer them with specific details or an exact plan of action. It’s time to get to work! I highly suggest working with our official interview coach, Suzy Bootz! As well as our official graphics design sponsor Susan Botek to highlight your platform. This is why they are here! I am so thankful I worked with them last year! These are just a few things we worked on so that EACH judge knew me, my plan, and my “Why”! I wish you the best of luck in your preparation!

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Melissa Pocza
Your Mrs. International 2017


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