The Importance of a Balanced Diet

Diet is a much talked about topic, and by diet I am referring to what a person normally eats, not just the prescribed menu of foods for the purpose of losing weight. Personally, I have to admit there was a period of time (a short one) when I did not eat right because I wanted to rid myself of some unwanted curves or I just got too busy. Instead of burning calories and toning my muscles, my poor diet was burning muscles and could not get toned up. I was tired all the time and my muscles were in pain and cramping. My diet did not give me enough nutrients to sustain my daily activities which was a lot -- dancing, horseback riding and gym work-outs.

Lucky for me, my trainer diligently grilled me on what I ate and drank and hammered the importance of a balanced diet. Our body, from our organs down to the smallest cell, needs minerals and other essential nutrients in order to function correctly. This is why we need a balanced diet - so each tissue may function properly.

A balanced diet includes foods from each of the main food groups - dairy, fruit, grains, proteins and veggies. It should also have enough calories for a person’s specific age, height and weight. A good resource is the USDA’s Choose My Plate site. Here are a summary of tips:

1. Do not skip breakfast.
2. Choose foods that are low in saturated fats, salt and added sugars.

3. Try to have about 3 cups of low fat dairy a day.
4. Recommended amount of proteins depends on a person’s age and activities but generally no more than 5 to 6 ounces a day.

5. Make half your plate fruits and whole veggies.

6. You also need about 3 ounces or more carbs a day - this is your fuel so it depends on your activity level how much you would need.

7. Drink water or other beverages throughout the day. We are about 65% water so we need it for our organs to work well.

8. Lastly, vary your foods - fruits, veggies and proteins give you a lot of choices so try new things and don’t eat the same stuff day to day or week to week.

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