Attitude of Gratitude

Yes...I know. Throwing around the cliche “Have an Attitude of Gratitude” on Thanksgiving Week makes it a little more cliche, but in this blog I’m going to unpack the truth behind the saying and how this approach can shift your mindset.

Thanksgiving is the time of year we reflect on all we have: be it food, shelter, a wonderful family, a great school, or awesome friends. We also give thanks for the material things we have in our lives….clothes, shoes, cars, and handbags. It is a bit ironic isn’t it? We spend all day on Thursday giving thanks for what we have and realizing we are blessed. Then, 2:00 AM hits on Friday morning and we wait in lines that wrap around retail stores so we can get more stuff…

Now I’m the first to admit I love to shop and there is nothing wrong with indulging in material items, but there is a way to posture your heart that keeps you having - here it is again- an attitude of gratitude.

I plan to write several blogs following this with other tangible tips on how to train your brain to choose happiness, but here is the first of many tips. As simple as it sounds, IT WORKS!

Happiness Tip #1:

Write down 3 things you’re thankful for each day for 30 days. You can’t repeat within those 30 days! By writing these down, you are training your brain to pick out the positive aspects of your life. After 30 days are up, you’ll be surprised at your shift in perspective.

Download the photo as a reminder for the next thirty days!

Stay tuned for the next several tips throughout my next several blogs, and remember, by choosing to be happy you are choosing to be brave.

Choosing Bravery,

Kaylee Ewing
Miss International 2018


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