Thankful, Grateful & Blessed

November is always a time that we think about things we are thankful for. There is always at LEAST one school assignment that we have to list, draw, write in essay form or tell about the things we are the most thankful for in life. Soooooo, I felt like it was only fitting that I share the top three things that I feel blessed to have this Thanksgiving season.

1. A loving and supportive family.... My family is really pretty close. We stay busy going from school and work and practices and ballgames, but at the end of the day, we are always together. My mom even switched jobs three years ago to work at the same school district that my brother and I attend. My parents are SUPER involved in all parts of my life...everything from who I play with at recess, to what I am watching on YouTube, to being my biggest cheerleaders at my ball games. I do have great parents. They have always instilled in me to be kind to everyone. It is very important to them, and now to me, to make sure I stay humble, work hard for what I want and always think of others needs and feelings. I try to do this and keep this in mind in every aspect of my life. I know that all kids my age aren’t as fortunate as I am to live with both of their parents or even have parents for that matter. I realize that I am lucky to have two loving parents that do a great job raising my brother and I....even if they do think they have to know every single thing I am doing. Lol...they say it’s part of their job, I guess it is (-:

2. Great friends... I am thankful for all of my friends. I have a lot of circles of friends. You see, I went to a different school during elementary and while I was there I started playing softball, and my original team is still together. All of those girls go to a different school than I do, but some of my closest friends are on that team. Now at my school, I play volleyball. I am really close to my teammates. During volleyball season we spend practically every night and weekend together. Even when we are off the court we are usually hanging out. I also have friends that aren’t in one of my sports circles, but that are just great friends! Some of my people are family friends, a grade below me, people I met at church, people I have become acquainted with in class, one of my best friends is actually my cousin. I never feel lonely at school and I know that I always have someone that I can count on when I need a friend. For this, I am thankful.

3. Opportunities... My mother always tells me that experiences and how we handle them in life help mold who we are and what we become. I know that there are so many kids my age that may not have the opportunity to go on a great annual vacation, or put on volleyball shoes and travel the region playing ball or wear a sparkly dress and participate in a national pageant 10 hours from home.

For these things and SO many more, I am grateful. As for vacation, my family and I are making memories. For volleyball, it’s about discipline, teamwork, goal setting, hard work, determination and life lessons. For the opportunity of being Miss Pre Teen is what I do with the crown and how I use it to help others and serve. I say all of this because I am so thankful for all of the opportunities that I have been given in life. My life is fun-filled and has a good balance. I know that it can change, so I try not to take advantage of things and make the most out of each and every opportunity that I am blessed with.

I could add tons of things to my thankful list this Thanksgiving season, but I think I will just leave it at this today. I know those school assignments do get boring year after year, but I guess the point is for us kids to really think about how fortunate we are and to be humble and thankful. I am....Happy Thanksgiving!


Your Miss Pre Teen International


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