Alabama Spring

The time for Azalea blooms, HoneySuckle bushes, and so much pollen. I wouldnʼt bother washing your car till June, because it wonʼt stay clean for longer that 24 hours. In my home town of Dothan, Foster Fest begins. Since Winter doesnʼt start till the end of November here, Spring starts a little later than most places. 

Azalea flowers in full bloom

The local flea markets start booming with produce and flower sales, along with puppies and so many miscellaneous things. You never know what you will find at the flea market on 231 South towards Florida, anything from cowboy hats, military gear or cheap toys sent in bulk from China. They also have a little concession stand for the people who love to stay all day long and bargain shop. 

You will see more people at the lake, on the beach, sunbathing on their porches and putting up above ground pools (those are very popular here). Every true Alabamian will be praising God because the warm weather has returned, but months later will complain because “itʼs just to dad-blame hot.” 

Alabamians are happiest in the spring, besides the pollen and allergy attacks. Cats will return to sunbathing in driveways and people will start walking their dogs again. People are just in a brighter state of mind during the Alabama Spring, thatʼs why itʼs my favorite time of year.

Georgia Clark
Miss Teen International 2018


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