A Fatherless Father’s Day

It’s no secret. Each year on Father’s Day, my heart sinks a bit. Every store is filled with funny cards, red grills, manly t-shirts, and nice coffee mugs. The commercials on TV show images of happy fathers and daughters going to baseball games, hunting, fishing, or going for a drive in their new car together. You see, my dad did all of those things with me. He was the absolute best! He and I packed a lifetime of father-daughter love into 20 short years.

So as I sit here on this Father’s Day without my father, I am continually training my mind to remember the good...to remember the fun times and the laughter. The father’s days that we spent kayaking on the lake or riding bikes around a campground somewhere. I am forever grateful for the 19 Father’s Days I had with my precious daddy, and I live the remainder of the Father’s Days that will come to pass in my lifetime with him on my mind and in my heart. 

Miss International 2018


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