Clearing Your Mind of Negative Thoughts

From imagining the next great movie or book series to developing technology that put a man on the moon - our minds are capable of amazing things! However, our minds are also capable of some not-so-amazing things...creating, replaying, and not letting go of negative thoughts.

Think of your mind as a garden. Gardens can be incredibly beautiful, but in order to get them there you have to work at it. You must weed, water, prune and maintain your mind. Negative thoughts are very similar to weeds. You start out with one weed, and if you don’t pluck it up from the root it begins to multiple...before you know it, what was once a beautifully kept garden is now home to a bed of weeds.

You may be asking, “What do you mean pluck my negative thoughts up from the root?”. Well, I’m so glad you asked. I mean if you look in the mirror and notice this inner dialogue of “ugh, why is my nose so crooked?” or “my legs aren’t quite as small as they were last summer...maybe I should go on a diet” or “why am I breaking out so much?! I am constantly washing my face...why me?”...any of that dialogue or anything along the lines of that...the root issue isn’t your nose, cellulite, or acne. The root is the lie that who you are and how you are made isn’t good enough. Pluck that root up and you won’t have to deal with negative thoughts about your body of your beauty. The Bible says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)! Plant that seed and you’ll begin to grow a beautiful flower where there was once a weed.

As you approach your summer goals, weed through your mind and pluck up the roots of the lies that your negative thoughts are perpetuating. Plant truth into your mind and water with family, friends, and loved ones who want to see you succeed in the path you were destined for!

Pluck On,

Kaylee Ewing
Miss International 2018


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