Pageant Packing - Do's & Don'ts

I packed everything into a Carry-On, Personal Item, & a Checked Bag last year

Packing for a pageant - especially when you don’t live within driving distance of the location - can be a daunting task. Every day needs a new outfit and, of course, a back up outfit, 15 pairs of shoes really isn’t enough and what about my hair and makeup? AHHH! Well, this blog is here to help you make the most of your packing space, be sure you have packed the right things, and to help you abstain from overpacking. Good luck!

Do pack an outfit for each event. When you read through the Contestant Handbook each activity is listed with a short description. Additionally, you can access photos from last year’s competition to see myself and other contestants wore to similar events.

Do pack comfortable, but cute shoes. Certain days you’ll be doing more walking than others. You want your feet to be in the best shape for when you step on the stage to compete; however, you must look the part of a queen (because you already are) all week long. I recommend investing in some good wedges.

Do have 1-3 back up outfits total! For example, I had 2 dresses for the On Stage Question portion of the competition. I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to wear until the Finals Night- no regrets on taking 2 dresses for that. Additionally, I brought 2 extra appearance outfits to ensure I looked and felt my best all week long...if I didn’t like the way an outfit looked on me, I changed.

Do bring a lightweight jacket! Rehearsals can get chilly and there are few worse feelings than being miserably cold.

Don’t bring entertainment items with you (i.e. books, movies, etc.). This isn’t vacation, this is competition. You have been working super hard to attend and compete at Miss International 2019; you don’t want to be distracted by things that are keeping your head out of the game.

Do bring a journal to write/log your feelings in throughout the week. This helped me tremendously when I was competing.

Don’t pack your pageant gowns without wrapping them in plastic/cloth carrying bags. I’m sure many of your gowns and cocktails have beading and delicate designs on them, the last thing you want is for one of your heels to rip a strand of beads off.

Do bring an organized bag or tote for rehearsals and competition. You will want to bring all of your competition wardrobe, jewelry, and shoes to the Auditorium for competition, but you may also want to bring a few snacks, your journal, a jacket, makeup, and hairspray. A tote with a lot of pockets or compartments works best so that you don’t have to dig through the whole bag in search for your lipstick.

I hope these few Do’s and Don’ts of packing will help you feel more at ease about your preparation for Miss International 2019! I am so excited to see each and every one of you <3 br="">
Lets Do This,

Miss International 2018

Kaylee Ewing


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