What to Expect at Nationals

The week before nationals I was running around like a chicken with itʼs head cut off. I was trying to get everything together for that long 13 hour drive, along with working everyday that week. Once I got to nationals my nerves finally settled after orientation, after I met some of the girls. Walking into a room full of talented, beautiful, well spoken women is something that can humble you. I met women of all different backgrounds and all walks of life. You will learn from them and they will learn from you, whether it be pageant tips or advice on life. 

You will have fun events to go to and opportunities to serve the community that has been gracious enough to host you. You will practice in your heels until you can hardly walk, but it will be worth it because opening number will look amazing. During practices you will be able to bond with your sister queens, and make awesome memories. Prelims night will be the night you have to really show what youʼve got and hope the judges move you on to the next night. 

And if you win, some girls will be upset and say itʼs rigged, thatʼs just pageantry for you, and the others will be so happy for you that you end up all crying on stage. Whether you win or lose, make sure you made the most of that week with the women you have the privilege of sharing it with.

Stay Fiery, Bold and Beautiful!

Miss Teen International 2018

Georgia Clark


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