Placing the Community in Community Service

As much as we wish the opposite were true, the phrase “community service” usually doesn’t raise the spirits and inspire the actions of those who hear it. Instead, most people think back to a grade school requirement, or an “optional” work or group bonding activity that involved an afternoon spent raking leaves, painting walls, or stuffing brown bag lunches.

I think most people get stuck when it comes to community service, and it’s easy to see why. Many existing options to serve are absent of any mention or exposure to the people we’re supposed to be helping. What’s happened to the community in community service? Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to partner with several regional credit unions whose desire to reach their community in a deeper, more meaningful way led them to finding BRAVE.

When you’re looking to serve with an organization, I challenge you to seek out ones that restore dignity to those they are serving. I implore you to volunteer your time and donate your money to organizations that have fully invested themselves into your community and are more than willing for you to join them and do the same.

Kaylee Ewing
Miss International 2018


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