Erase Cyber-Bull​ying ... Take A Stand!

Cyber Bullying… "Delete it" …. Take a Stand …. Say "No!" to Cyber Bullying!!"

As we lead into Nationals, I want to speak out on the subject of cyber bullying.  I am asking each contestant, director, coach and parent to take a stand against cyber bullying.  If you see someone taking part in cyber bullying, confront them.  If you are being attacked by cyber bullies, tell your family.  I produced a public service announcement for an organization called “Say It to My Face.”   I have never engaged in cyber bullying although I have personally been victimized by it.

I believe those who participate in this behavior will never win, because they are so focused in tearing others down that they lose focus of doing their personal best. 

A Queen does not cyber bully.
A winner does not cyber bully.
Take the pledge to “Delete Cyber Bullying Now!”

Juliana McKee
Miss Teen International 2010


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