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The pageantry and patriotism of NASCAR is second to none, but it is what’s behind the wheel that truly matters.  Founded in 2006, The NASCAR Foundation encompasses the compassion of the world’s second largest sport, NASCAR, and our commitment to serving communities, helping children lead happier healthier lives.  We work with hundreds of 501c3 charities who help children including the American Red Cross, Victory Junction and Speediatrics. 

In 2010, we reached a milestone being able to collect over a million dollars in donations from generous race fans which allowed for more than 1,000 children to attend Victory Junction Camp, provide over 500 NASCAR Dreams at-track and celebrating with over 12,000 fans who had joined The NASCAR Foundation Volunteer Network.

As Mrs. North Carolina, I traveled over 13,000 miles promoting The NASCAR Foundation as one of their spokesmen.  I made hundreds of new friends during my 108 wonderful hours volunteering with The NASCAR Foundation as part of our NASCAR Unites campaign.  And, I am thrilled I was able to help collecting over $100,000 from generous donors.  My initial goal was to help raise $25,000.  I believe once a goal is met, you aspire to set another…and so goes my quest!

Now, as Mrs. International, I will to continue to be a spokesperson for The NASCAR Foundation.  I plan to travel over 11,000 miles making appearances across the United States and Internationally.  I will be promoting volunteerism, as part of the NASCAR Unites campaign, with hopes to double our network of volunteers, raise more funds for children’s charities and most importantly, make sure every child feels like a champion.  To learn more, please visit WWW.NASCAR.COM/Unites.

Janet Bolin


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