Marble and Body Movement with Young Lions

Our lovely Young Lions, with all the spunk and movement they have, were able to experience Marble Art. Marble Art is a type of painting using small dots of paint, in this case poster paint, then using rolling marble to move the paint around on the paper. This makes for marvelous pieces of art, as well as visual movement of the paint onto the participants paper.

After sharing a few giggles, warming up with coloring and singing one of their favorite songs, “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” we moved onto putting our paint carefully onto the paper using popsicle sticks. The kids were very concentrated and excited to see what this would turn out to be in the end. 

The Young Lions took turns using the marble-rolling tray to move the marble balls back and forth, moving the paint in the process. Some of the children explored the action of bouncing the marble balls within the tray to get a different outcome on their paper. 

In the end, the painted papers were gorgeously painting with bright colors, and the children loved every minute of experiencing it. 

Krista Wanous
Miss Internationals 2012 


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