Baan ViengPing Orphanage doing Abstract Cubism Portraits

This is my first time leading a workshop at CCT. Emma, my new friend from London, and I are glad to be partnered together to bring some brilliant ideas into our session. We were excited to work with Baan Vieng Ping, an orphanage for girl’s age infant-15. When we arrived we were greeted with dozens of beautiful smiling faces. We gathered around in a large open recreational room and formed a circle. We played games like “Waaahhh!” and “Ahh, See, Go!” .The girls giggled and laughed with us as the games got more and more exciting. We began our art portion of the workshop with examples and descriptions of cubism. We encouraged them to make their creations as unique and unconventional as possible. The abstract cubism techniques we were teaching them about were meant to represent their personal self in some way while following the guidlines of abstract cubism. 

The girls worked diligently for a long time, adding small details and coloring in every unused inch of the paper. Although we can’t show pictures of some of the girls faces, their art portraits are just as charming.  

When everyone was finished, we welcomed the girls back into the circle to share their portraits. Each delicate beauty held up their project with a shy smile while the rest of the group applauded.  To wrap up our session we had each participant write their name or something unique about themselves on a strip of paper that was made into a paper chain which we called,  “Chain of Life” to hang up in their community room. 

It was such a joy working with all these young ladies. We are looking forward to our next visit!

With love,

Krista Wanous
Miss International 2012


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