Sweet Home Alabama

At this point, most of you know just about everything there is to know about me! You have unofficially met my family, learned about my platform and hobbies, and even gotten to attend a few family holidays and vacations. However, it occurred to me that some of you may not know much about the beautiful state that I represented at the 2012 Miss Teen International pageant.

My favorite thing about competing in the International system was learning about all of the different cultures that were represented. We all had different cultural backgrounds, yet we all united for one cause…to make the world a better place! It is so amazing that so many powerful young women exist in all corners of the world!

So, I think this is the perfect opportunity to teach you all about the state that I have lived in my entire life! Listed are a few “fun facts” you most likely did not know about the beautiful state of Alabama!

1. Actresses Debby Ryan (Disney Channel) and Courteney Cox (Friends) were both born in Alabama.

2. Alabama is currently the 23rd largest state in the country. My hometown, Dothan, Alabama, is the seventh largest city in Alabama.

3. The University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide football team is the current National Championship winning team. To date, they have won 15 National Championship titles.

4. Peanuts are the primary cash crop grown in Alabama. We celebrate with the National Peanut Festival held every year in October! In 2000, I was featured on an episode of “Festivals Around the World” on the Food Network that featured the 2000 National Peanut Festival.

5. The first space shuttle to put humans on the moon was built in Huntsville, Alabama.

6. My hometown also has the most restaurants, per capita, in the ENTIRE United States!

7. In Shelby County, Alabama, a group of contractors and homebuilders broke the record for the world’s fasting building of a Habitat for Humanity home. They built the family’s house in an astounding 3 hours and 26 minutes!

8. In Scottsboro, Alabama, a company named Unclaimed Baggage Center purchases unclaimed baggage from airlines across the nation.

9. The Travel Channel’s show, Monumental Mysteries, featured Enterprise, Alabama’s boll weevil monument. The monument was built after the boll weevil destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland because at the time, no pesticide had been created that was effective against the insect.

10. Heather Whitestone, one of the most influential “pageant girls” to have ever walked a stage, was born in Alabama. Although she was deaf, Heather danced on pointe during the talent portion of competition.

I hope that all of the ladies competing at the 2013 Miss International pageant take the time to learn about your fellow contestants. You will be amazed at how cultures differ across the world!




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