Sneak Peek

I will definitely be the first one to admit I am not a light packer. When traveling to Haiti in 2010 the nickname “Magyver” was assigned to me because I carried a lot of “just in case” items with me, and we actually ended up using most of them.

Becoming a mother of three has not made it any easier always having the essential mom items in tow like band aids, snacks, etc. The month of October was my busiest yet as Mrs. International traveling out of state every weekend to represent Soles4Souls. I wanted to give you a “sneak peak” into my suitcase to share essential items.

Always prepare for the unknown. This came to fruition with the Boy Scout shoe drive as I was a day of add to the program to speak to the crowd of 5,000. My suitcase had cold weather clothes as the temps would drop in to the 30’s most of the weekend as we collected, but I learned from Suzy Bootz to always have a nice pair of black pants because they always look sleek at an event when a dress is not appropriate.

Here are a few more items you will always find in my suitcase:

- Crown and Sash. Ok, this one is pretty obvious, but those two items never leave my side ☺
- Soles4Souls signage and marketing material to handout
- Clay Spann Makeup. My makeup travel bags from Titlewear are awesome! My makeup first perfect and I love having branded items for International Pageants with me
- Teasing comb and brush. Let’s face it, we won’t always have access to electricity and might face a moment our hair needs to be picture ready. You can get creating with these two items, especially if you have extensions (which are with me as well) to get yourself ready. I keep a small can of hairspray in my crown box as well
- In the event there is electricity, my curling iron and flat iron and duckbill pins
- A nice suit coat can dress anything up and I keep one with me at all times
- Healthy Snacks (see previous blog “Healthy Travel” for what kind of snacks
- Idea Book to jot down creative thoughts
- Calendar book. Technology is great, but for me seeing my year laid out on paper works the best
- Outing Dresses and accompanying accessories. This is where my suitcase gets really full, I love options and having extra in case extra event pop up
- Wedges and heels. I prefer heels as often as possible, but a nice pair of wedges might be needed if the terrain will not accommodate heels
- Baby Wipes. I have gotten stuck on layovers without a shower readily available and especially with international travel, baby wipes are huge essential in my suitcase

Happy Travels!
Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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