I am an eleventh grade cheerleader on the Varsity squad this year. I began cheerleading when I was six-years-old on a competitive team. I can remember as a child in elementary school that I would look up to the varsity cheerleaders and try to be like them. I used to draw pictures of me and the cheerleaders during free time of first grade. Now, I have realized that girls look up to us. Yesterday we had a fun day at our high school with all of our little Cougar cheerleaders. This coming week is Homecoming week and every year we split the elementary up by age groups and teach them a cheer, chant, and dance to perform at our Homecoming pep rally on Friday. We warmed up with a few games and dances. We even whipped and nae naed with them.

I have always had a love for cheerleading. I love feeling the rush of adrenaline when the music starts, the feeling of a stunt finally hitting after several failed attempts, the feeling of obtaining new skills after a lot of hard work and endless practices, and the feeling of hearing the crowd roar after a solid routine ends. After years of participating in this sport, yes it is certainly a sport, I have learned the importance of discipline, commitment, trust, hard work, and teamwork. I want each generation of cheerleaders to feel the same way. Each squad I have been on has been a sisterhood. If one person fails, we all fail, if one person succeeds, we all succeed. So yesterday, even if they did not know it, we tried to instill these values into each one of our little Cougars.

As a “big girl” this year, I want the young girls to have a role model to look up to, just like I used to have as a child. I always smile and say hello to the elementary students during school and on the side lines. I know they look up to all of the “big girls” so I am glad each one of us may inspire them to be anything they want to be, hopefully a cheerleader! To all of you “big girls” out there, it does not matter whether or not you are a cheerleader, there are some little eyes watching you even when you may not know it. Make sure you can be a role model!

“Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible.” - Audrey Hepburn

Jules Fletcher
Miss Teen International 2015


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