Queen Makeover

I just returned from my official photoshoot with Clay Spann and my visit to the Competitive Image. Oh my goodness. It was beyond amazing. Before heading to Dothan, I had lots of mommy duties to take care of, which included a 3 page schedule (on my Mrs. International letterhead of course) for my husband, since he was going to be taking care of the kiddos while I was away. Let me say, flying without kids is a breeze and so relaxing!

When I arrived in Dothan, Joey and Clay picked me up and we headed to a yummy California Mexican dinner before they dropped me off at the hotel. I arrived at the Competitive Image bright and early Tuesday morning and could not wait to get started. Mrs. Terri greeted me at the door. After trying on numerous looks, Clay started to work his makeup and hair magic. Ya’ll, oh my goodness. He is SO talented. This was my first time working with him and he not only made me look beautiful on the outside, but made me feel even more beautiful on the inside, which is where it counts the most. If you don’t feel beautiful on the inside, you surely won’t feel your best on the outside.

After 7 different looks we had what we needed for the website, autograph cards, program book and a few more fun things! The behind the scenes photos I saw were amazing! The experience was unlike any I have ever had and I highly recommend working with Clay for your next photography needs, or if you are stuck in a mommy rut and want to feel like the queen you deserve to be, he’s your guy.

The time I spent with Joey, Clay, Mrs. Terri, Mary and Elise were just as wonderful! Jules, I hate I missed you sweet girl. The International system keeps proving more and more to be just like my family. Our values, our conversations, our goals. If you want to make a difference and I know that you do, this is the system for you. Remember, the trunk show at THE Competitive Image is in the spring. They are still working on the exact dates, but I will let you know as soon as I hear. You want this experience, trust me.

Until the Mission is Complete,



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