My Black Ring

Hi Loves! I’ve had a few people ask me what the black ring is that I wear on my right hand “trigger” finger. I’m actually glad people are curious about it because that’s the whole point of the ring. The rings exact name is a 22KILL Honor ring. #22KILL is a global movement that was created by veterans with a mission to honor those who serve(d) , raise awareness to veteran suicide prevention, recruit “Battle Buddies”, educate the public about current veteran related topics and issues and empower veterans from programs at their sister organization- Honor, Courage, Commitment (HCC).

To get the Honor Ring, I made an oath to become a “Battle Buddy”, support each of their missions and do 22 push ups in honor or memory of someone who has served, serving or took their own life. The first time, when I received my ring, I pushed for my husband. I have done my push ups so many times now and at all kinds of events. I should publicly thank the organization for helping me reach my fitness goals for the pageant as well, so thank you #22KILL. Don Nguyen, Director of Operations at both #22KILL and HCC, is the most motivating guy and I can promise you he will convince you to stop what you are doing, right where you are, wearing whatever you are wearing and knock out 22 push ups like its nothing.

Are you wondering why 22? 22 stands for the 22!!!! Veterans that are taking their life each and every day across our world. Can ya’ll believe that number? The number is actually probably even a little higher but that is what is actually reported. 22 men and women each day that are suffering from the effects of a war that was fought to protect us and our great Nation. That is why it is so imperative that we pay attention to the veterans that are in our lives. You never know what kind of internal battle someone is facing, so please reach out and truly think about becoming a “Battle Buddy”. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to me! It truly could save someone’s life.

Until the Mission Is Complete,



  1. I would love to learn ring....because I love our military........and military families.....


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