Focusing on Your Best

Prior to being selected as Miss International 2016, I competed in pageants for 15 years. Transparently, I didn’t always win. I could do my personal best, but at the end of the day… the judges scored other girls higher than me. I had to learn how to be okay with that. It wasn’t easy and there were many rough nights, but I came out stronger in the long run. However… all the times I didn’t win prepared me to be the strongest Miss International I could be. I’m better because of the valleys.

I’ve learned that even though we put in the hard work, dedication, and focus… it doesn’t mean that we walk away with the crown and new job. Coming into Internationals 2016, I had to change how I viewed being my best and the definition of “success”. Instead of my ranking or scores determining if I succeeded or not, I set personal milestones. When I hit them, I had success. The milestones were 100% and within my control. Here are just a few examples:

*Interview: Share your Jesus story with the judges and be genuine. Talk about the tough things and allow God to lead the conversation.

*Fitness Wear: Get on stage (yes, that was challenging at first). Pull up through the core. Focus on health over being “skinny”

*On-Stage Question: Answer the question and give specific concrete examples.

My goals and milestones had to be measurable. I went into the competition week focused on being the best Amanda I could. Instead of comparing myself to others, I focused on lifting them up and having fun. In reality, the only person I was competing against is myself. At Internationals you are not comparatively ranked - it’s all about you being the best you!

As state pageants approach, I encourage you to set tangible goals that are measurable. Ultimately, pageants are about personal growth. The crown is just a tool to make the difference in this world that you desire. It’s not about “beating” anyone else or being “The Best.” It’s about being your best. Be the best you and trust that your heart has been prepared for whatever may come your way. Dream big and you will reach new heights!

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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