Pretty Is As Pretty Does

“Belle” from Beauty & The Beast, showing us what is truly “pretty” is serving others!

I thought it would be nice for my audience to get to know me better… I was recently interviewed by a young lady named Logan, and I wanted to share the interview with you. 

Logan: What are your favorite charities or organizations that you have worked with?

Priscilla: I work with National Safe Haven Alliance and Safe Haven Baby Boxes

I love working for them both. I'm so proud of what they're doing to prevent the abandonments of newborns. I also work with Impact Ministries International. They have over 50 orphanages in 15 different countries. We built three orphanages in Honduras (financially providing the money) and their organization runs them. The founders are amazing, they’ve dedicated their lives to making a difference by helping kids all around the world. My husband and I, hope to follow in their footsteps.

Logan: What made you want to get involved with these (or this) particular organization(s)?

Priscilla: I got involved with Safe Haven Baby Boxes early this year.. I was having a conversation about my ultimate dreams and goals with my pageant coach, Suzy Bootz...And I told her my dream was to put baby boxes in China to stop the current gendercide. Anyhow, that brought me to SHBB, and then I connected to National Safe Haven Alliance.

And we met Tom and Teresa Stamman (the founders of Impact Ministries International) at church. We heard about their ministry and we were moved with compassion. They became good friends of ours, and then we just started working together with them. The rest was history!

Logan: As a pageant queen, how do you feel/what is your response to recent social media pages that focus negative attention on topics like “what pageant girls REALLY look like without makeup?”
Priscilla: I feel the reason people like to “attack” pageant contestants is due to the portrayal social media has given pageants. In regards to that- Pageantry hasn’t made me any “prettier” however it has made me more confident woman. Not only in who I am, but it gave me confidence to speak up and make a difference. It’s motivated me to do more, and it's given me the platform to reach more than just my community.

Just because a woman’s been in a pageant, it doesn’t make her automatically a “natural beauty”.

Media’s told us that beauty is a number on the scale, a height, a size… But the truth is, these woman are some of the most selfless, loving, and compassionate woman, you’ll ever meet.

Being beautiful is just an added perk! Makeup didn’t make them who they are, makeup didn’t make them the compassionate and giving people they are... It just gives them an added boost of confidence, that’s all.

Logan: What do you have to say to young adults in particular about body image?

Priscilla: Your body image is a choice. If you're unhappy with your body, then you have to find a way to find the beauty in your uniqueness. Or…choose to make a change, in your diet, in exercise, or maybe just in how you see yourself. No one is perfect! There isn’t a single model, singer, or actress who is perfect, or thinks they’re perfect… In fact, many of them have eating disorders. The point is, we have to choose to be grateful for the good things we blessed with, instead of focusing on the negative. I have small lips, I wish they were bigger, but instead of focusing on that..I choose to be grateful for beautiful teeth. Because my parents couldn’t afford to buy me braces, but God gave me perfectly straight teeth. I’m so grateful!

Logan: What does “pretty is as pretty does” mean to you?
Priscilla: “You are only as pretty as your actions.”

We’ve all seen the movies where the “gorgeous” popular girls are cruel and self-absorbed. Viciously, hurting everyone.

And by the end of the movie, they’re no longer “pretty” to you…. The reason is, it’s NOT “pretty!”

That's because pretty is someone who is caring and loving, because that is what pleases our senses. Not the outward, that only lasts so long.

Beauty is vain, but a woman who is in awe of the Lord, she will be praised. Proverbs 31:30 Be a thankful person, always grateful, and the outward will project the greatest beauty.

Thank you Logan for your time and the interview. I enjoyed it very much!

I have relished in the last few months as your Mrs. International! I'm so grateful for this opportunity, and I intend to use it to the fullest.. Until next time,

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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