Being In the Right Headspace

The number one question I have been asked recently is “What advice do you have for nationals?” My answer is simple. You need to be in the right headspace. None of your preparation will matter if you don’t come ready to be 100% focused.

Here are some examples:

1. Before you go into interview, know what makes you feel the most calm. If it is listening to music, do that. If it is calling your grandmother, do that. Just because someone else wants to talk to calm their nerves doesn’t mean you need to be the one they talk to. Do whatever it is that makes YOU feel ready.

When I start to feel anxious or that I’m losing mental focus, I like to find a quiet place. I find it helpful to take a walk outside and reflect inward.

2. You picked your wardrobe for a reason. You fell in love with your gown for how it felt when you put it on, not because of how you looked standing next to another beautiful girl. So why would you get to nationals and be worried about what everyone else is wearing? Stay in your own headspace and don’t pay attention to someone else’s wardrobe! It doesn’t matter if they have more sequins or their train is longer than yours. If you are in your own headspace you won’t be worried about comparisons.

3. There is no reason to listen to anyone else’s platform statement or on-stage question. Your statement and answer will be completely different, so don’t fill your head with anything other than your own statement. I personally plugged my ears the entire time backstage. But another option is to have headphones or earplugs.

Just like you train your body for the fitness area of competition, you must train your mind to stay in the right headspace during your week at nationals!

In health and happiness,

Miss International 2017


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