Using Social Media During Pageant Prep

As you prepare for your upcoming pageant I’m sure your mind is swirling with deadlines, wardrobe options and interview practice. Let me add one more thing to your list...posting on social media.

This is your opportunity to share your journey with friends, family, fans, community members and even judges. I promise they are watching!

Through your reign, social media can be a great tool to gather support or sponsorship. As a local or state titleholder it’s also important to post about the work you’re doing with local organizations. This helps to grow your personal brand as well as promote the pageant system.

Below are the three main forms of social media I personally use and briefs tips on how to utilize each.

Instagram: Many groups have their own hashtags they would love for you to use. Using hashtags makes you more searchable and increases awareness for your platform.

Facebook: This is perfect for sharing photos to large audiences. If you take pictures, be sure to tag others who were in attendance so it also links to their pages. Lastly, if you are unable to have your phone/camera with you, this outlet is perfect to just ask someone to tag you!

Snapchat: The story is a fun way for people to follow you in real time. It makes them feel that they are right there with you. Also, I LOVE when large events have sponsored filters.

All of us at International Pageants are so excited to follow your year. So please post, tag and follow @intlpageants!

In health and happiness

Kelsey Craft
Miss International 2017


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