Why Body Confidence is Important When Competing

Recently I posted the above photo on social media for Body Confidence Day and was impressed with the feedback I received from so many liking this raw in the now selfie, commenting, and even sending private messages to me thanking me. This inspired me to make this blog about why body confidence is so important when competing in pageantry.

When we compete, its putting our best selves out there to be judged. But in our minds, are we judging ourselves too? We can be so hard on ourselves working and wishing for that picturesque figure. But really what “IS” that. There’s no such thing! Fitness competition is one of the toughest categories for most, so why make it even harder on ourselves? There is no perfect body, we are all different sizes and shapes, made perfectly imperfect and unique! Not to mention, a majority of us in the Mrs. Category have birthed children, faced medical issues that change and challenge our shapes, and we’re not getting any younger and that is a whole factor in itself, age! There are so many self-image factors we all face that we LET interfere with our confidence.

In my post, I mentioned just a few of the body image difficulties I’ve struggled with myself:

Did you know I've been 6' ft tall since I was 11 yrs old? Talk about insecurities! Did you know I was 79 lbs heavier preggers- yea that baby was only 6 lbs 11 oz! Talk about postpartum doubts! Did you know I've had several colon surgeries before 30 that most grown men don't even have to face due to cancerous genetic health? Talk about embarrassment!”

I found people were surprised to hear that I wasn’t just born this way! Oh no, no, no! People need to realize every one of us have our own battles we fight. It’s how we perceive our situations and what we do about them that makes us strong and confident. I could easily sit around and make excuses and nothing will change, or I cannot let my problems over come me and do something about it. I work out consistently, I stay on top of my health by regular exams, I fill my mind by reading and listening to inspirational messages, I surround myself with positive people that love me, and most importantly when times get too tough and I don’t feel I’ve got enough strength to face the next battles, I pray to someone that has the power to give me more strength and encouragement to keep pushing. You see no one is perfect. Not the woman on the cover of the magazine, not your role model, and especially not even ONE person that you’ll be sharing that stage with! So why are we so hard on ourselves? It’s time to stop.

I encourage you to work hard in preparation; mentally, physically and emotionally. Not even just for preparation but for your health, for your family, and for you! Embrace who you are and be proud of the work and journey your body and you have been through to make it what it is! THAT’S confidence! That’s what the judges want to see! The color of your dress, your short size, your height, NONE of that matters. What matters is how you FEEL about yourself, and judges can see and FEEL that too from you, that’s why body confidence is so important when competing, because it GLOWS on stage! Someone special to me once told me, “You are Enough” and believe me, YOU. ARE. ENOUGH!

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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