Winning on a Budget: Interview Outfit

In an earlier post, I discussed the role of clothes and how interview outfits can fit into that role. To remind everyone, a few guidelines I discussed were:

1. Wear something you feel comfortable in

2. Don’t be afraid of bright colors

3. Look professional

These are all still very important – but how do you choose when there are so many options out there? First, you need to decide if you want to wear a suit or a dress. I wore a suit for my interview. It was a turquoise, knit Jennifer Roberts suit that I was able to borrow from a wonderful friend! However, if I wasn’t able to borrow that suit, I would have worn a dress. This is because for me, I would get more wear out of a dress later on. I don’t wear suits to work or to many appearances, so a dress would be a better investment of my money.

There are some suits & dresses that are appropriate for a pageant interview listed on “,” but that does not mean that you need a “pageanty” outfit for the interview competition. The judges are looking for someone to take over a job, so they are looking for someone who looks professional. With that said, this is WAY more fun than most jobs! So I would recommend staying away from darker colors (like black) & wear something that will brighten up your face & make your interviewer not want to stop looking at you! It should be interesting without being overpowering.

There are many dresses available at department stores or boutiques that would be perfect for interviewing to become Miss International! And how does that fit in with “staying on a budget??” Choose something that you can wear again. You can wear the same interview outfit for your on stage question (once you make Top 10!), & again for appearances throughout your year. Re-wearing competition outfits doesn’t really fit in with the fun fashion competition or evening gown (except for special occasions!), but your interview outfit should definitely be something that you would want to wear again (and again!) Happy Shopping!

Ashley Smith


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