It’s Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week!

Sometimes we like to think of pets as “property” and something that must be detained. Therefore, the best way to control them is to chain them up in the back yard with limited space to live. This is completely wrong.

When a pet is adopted into a home, it should be out of love. Pets deserve a loving, forever home- a place where they can run around and get some fresh air, unlike a crowded, confined shelter.

Fences are a great way to keep your pet safe, secure, and chain-free. Unfortunately, the collar may be too tight and cause the resistance from the chain to be greater than necessary, causing excessive harm to the dog.
Ever seen a malicious dog, so enraged that it charges, only to be pulled back by its chain? It’s not because the dog is mean, it’s because it has been confined to a small radius of space to live and wants to get out.

I encourage you to have a heart for chained dogs this week, and also every day. A chain does not restrict the love that an animal can give!
Jurnee Carr


  1. very sad!! Congratulations for the post!!!


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