Dealing with Grief: Art Expression

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all having a fabulous day! I am often asked how to specifically help children along in their grieving process. My answer is always, you can’t move them along, there is no time period for grief, it can be short or take many years. Each and every individual is different. But there are ways that you can help a child face their grief in non-threatening ways. Most children do not want to talk about their feelings out loud, so you will need to find a resource for them to channel their feelings into.

I have learned from Former Miss International 2012 that Art Therapy can be extremely helpful in expressing ones emotions. I know personally, that I like to write poetry. Children can play instruments, draw, design clothing, or even sing to express how they feel without having to directly talk about it.

These past couple months have been extremely difficult for me, I lost both of my grandmothers and a very close friend. For the first few months I was quiet about my feelings, but realizing I needed to get out of my funk, I started writing again. Writing about anything, my emotions, my cat or even just writing funny short stories. But, My writing was for me, it wasn’t for anyone else, It was a coping mechanism that helped me immensely.

Art Therapy or Expression doesn’t have to be used just from a loss, You can use it to help with a traumatic experience, accident or just to blow off some steam! As long as your feelings are being expressed in a positive healthy way, you can’t go wrong! And who knows? You might just find your new calling!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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