Easter Traditions

Easter is another one of our favorite holidays. In fact, Justin and I had our very first date over Easter weekend many years ago. I’ll never forget the sweet Easter basket he had tucked away in the back of his trunk to give me or the Easter egg hunt he planned. I’m still not sure how I got so lucky. Traditions are so important to us and we really look forward to carrying them out year after year.

I’m sure like most of you, we always have an Easter egg hunt with our kids. We aren’t big on candy in our house, so instead we fill the eggs with change. For the kids Easter basket, we always put new swimsuits and beach towels, sunglasses, sandals. We also include a few small toys and books. Once Easter is over, it means that summer is right around the corner so new pool and beach toys are added as well. Growing up, Easter dress shopping was always a big to do. Now, I look forward to coordinating our family Easter attire.

I found a cute list of family Easter traditions here . I am still not brave enough to start dyeing eggs yet with the kids, but when we do videoing it would be so cute to look back on. I know dyeing eggs won’t be a family tradition when the kids are in high school, so being able to look back on the fun and mess will bring back such fond memories. I am in charge of one of the boys’ Easter parties this year so I look forward to searching for crafts and cute Easter themed snacks on Pinterest. If you have any special family Easter traditions, please pass them along.

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