Interview Attire

Do you remember the days of the stuffy, boxy women’s business suit? The ones that did, for the most part, nothing for a ladies shape. I remember them all too well, because many years ago I indeed wore them for my interview portion of other pageants. I am so gladli that those days are gone, at least for now. We all know how different styles go in and out. Hopefully those are out forever.

These days, we can choose more flattering interview dresses, or suits if we choose to. Pieces that compliment us, our personality, our image and our platforms. Personal interview is the first time that the judges will see you in person. In my opinion you need to dress to impress, while also being mindful that you are on a job interview as well. I wanted to express my personality, before I ever even opened my mouth to say hello. I loved my interview dress because it did just that. I felt like it was just different enough to make me stand out, but was also able to show my own personal style.

When choosing your interview dress, be mindful that you will have your backs to the judges before you sit down. I really urge you to make sure that your dress is not too short or too tight. Remember, this is an interview. Also, wear the appropriate undergarments so that you don’t see any lines. Jewelry should also be kept to a minimum. You don’t want loud jewelry that will keep the judges mind and ears off of what you have to say. I always choose to do a nude, closed toe heel with my interview attire. I typically am always in white so nude matches best for an interview and also helps to elongate my legs.

Whatever style you choose for your interview dress, make sure you feel confident and beautiful in it.

Until the Mission is Complete,



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