Just Do YOU!

As females, I feel like we all have an unrealistic goal of pleasing everyone else. Sometimes, worrying about others more than ourselves. What will they think of my new hair cut? Will they think this outfit is too trendy? Will they like the meal I prepared for them? All questions of self-doubt. All questions that we need self-reassurance to.

When I was younger, think college days and shortly after, this is what I worried most about. Questions like will they like me for me were always over shadowed by the shallow questions like am I skinny enough? Am I good enough to be in that circle of friends? As I grew older and much wiser, I realized I really didn’t need to worry about what others thought about me. I was me and I was happy with my roles and the woman that I grew to be. I didn’t need reassurance from people that truly and honestly didn’t matter. Being me and being happy with me was far more important than making someone else happy.

Honestly, I wish I would have realized this critical life lesson when I was younger. It would have saved me from so much heartache, self-doubt and worry. What it would have done was allow me to focus on me and the life I wanted for myself instead of the life I thought I needed to have to make everyone else happy or make them believe I was happy. Being able to focus on me and what I want for not only my future, but also my family’s future, instead of what a random person thought was the best for us has been a weight lifted off my shoulders. I truly hope, especially for any young women reading this, that we can all focus on us and the dreams and aspirations we have instead of what we think will make everyone else happy.

Until the Mission is Complete,



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