Farewell Speech

Before long, I will be writing my farewell Texas speech. The pageant is the weekend of April 8-10. I honestly feel like I have just submitted my application to compete and thinking “what am I doing?” It has been a journey, but an extremely fast journey. You know the rides that you stand in line for a really long time and then you get on and the ride is over 20 seconds later? Even though, I didn’t register until literally the last day, I had been preparing for it for a huge chunk of my life. It is finally coming to a halt.

Writing a good farewell speech is so important. You will obviously include your family and loved ones that supported and encouraged you throughout your reign. You will include your sponsors or businesses that helped you to get where you are and also your friends, sister queens, and even those that competed against you. Definitely, thank your director because without his or her guidance, let’s face it you would probably have felt clueless when preparing for Mrs. International and not have known where to begin when you were working hard to get appearances lined up.

Aside from the thank you’s, think about telling your audience what you spent your reign doing. Try to remember an estimate of how many appearances you did. Did you help to get a bill passed or raise money for an organization? Let them know. After all, they may not have had the chance to follow your journey. Your farewell speech is going to be your last chance to speak as Mrs. So and so International. Make it memorable.

Until the Mission is Complete,



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