Win or Lose

We have each experienced the feeling of accomplishment and defeat. If you haven’t experienced the latter, you are lucky and you should spread your luck to me. But seriously, at some point in our lives we have all been disappointed with the outcome of a situation that wasn’t in our favor. We also have all experienced the opposite end of the spectrum and felt the joy of winning, whether it be a pageant, an important game, a job or marrying the man of our dreams. We each know how to react to both negative and positive ends.

That is until you didn’t win the game or until you didn’t get the job you thought you deserved. Worse yet, until you didn’t win the pageant you had spent the last year preparing for. Then comes the heart break and disappointment. After you have felt those emotions, often enough your alter ego decides to make an appearance and before you know it, out comes angry and evil. Mean takes over. You aren’t happy for the person that worked just as hard as you and wanted it just as bad as you did. You can’t see that because you knew you were going to win and you hadn’t prepared your mind to accept anything other than that.

Perhaps, you are the one person that had their name called last at the end of the night. In pageant land, we all know that’s the winner. The one that will wear the crown for the next year. You are filled with happiness and tears of joy. You poured your heart and soul into preparing for that big night and now you can celebrate. You don’t understand why everyone else is sulking in the background when you are on cloud 9. You keep going on and on about how you knew you were going to win because you deserved it and you worked harder than anyone else.

Ladies, don’t be either of those people. Please! We each have all worked our hardest to prepare and be the best version of ourselves. Unfortunately, there is only one crown. Only one person is going to walk away with the title. If it wasn’t your time to win, I promise it is for a reason. You may not even realize it for years to come. If you win, it is also for a reason and one that is far greater than you may ever understand. My favorite new song by Tim McGraw says it perfectly, “Always stay humble and kind.”

Until the Mission is Complete,



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