Bundle Up!

Sipping hot cocoa and wearing ear muffs sure does keep me warm! But we can’t all say the same for our pets. Certain dogs are more affected by the cold than others, particularly older pets and/or those with certain ailments, like arthritis. Here are some tips for keeping your pet cozy and warm!

• Keep them indoors! The best way to beat the cold is to avoid facing it. Plus, this allots more cuddle time with your furry friend by the fire place!

• If you do decide to take your dog out, check the temperature and wind chill first. Sometimes it can be harsher than it seems.

• Pets do have fur but some coats of fur aren’t as thick as others. Keep a sweater on them for added insulation.

• If you have an outside dog, make sure you insulate their house properly. Bring in a heater if necessary.

• Dogs use up more calories in the winter trying to conserve heat. Provide more food for them. Hey, if we stock up around the holidays, pets deserve and extra helping too!

• WARNING: Cats seek warmth in the engine of a car, so bang on the hood of your car before starting it.

The weather outside is frightful but the puppies and kitties are so delightful, and since they’ve no place to go…adopt, adopt, adopt! Ultimately, shelters are chillier than a home. Rescue a dog, cat, puppy, or kitten from a shelter and warm them up in your loving, forever home!

Jurnee Carr


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