What do you get when you combine basketball and cocktail dresses? Homecoming! During basketball season at my high school, we have a full week of showing our school spirit by dressing up in 80s fashion, tacky attire, formal dresses, our favorite sports team jersey, and our school colors!

My friend Courtney won the best 80s costume for the whole school! Well deserved!

The final day, Friday, the student body piles in our gymnasium for a pep rally, a basketball game and the presentation of the homecoming court!

For my school, 2 freshman, sophomore, and junior couples are picked, along with 5 senior couples. It was a huge honor to be chosen by my peers to represent the junior class! Being in homecoming court and on the basketball team made the week especially fun!
Homecoming court 2011. We took all kinds of crazy photos!

My escort, Jackson Colvett, and I did a “signature move”!

2011 Homecoming Queen-Sterlin Elliot!

Unfortunately I didn’t get to play in the basketball game because my elbow is still fractured. Nonetheless, I took off my blue sling because it would not match my hot pink dress!

Homecoming week was such a blast! I loved seeing all the school spirit at school and on the court! Can’t wait for another exciting week next year!

Jurnee Carr


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