Red Dress Dash

Months of preparation, conference calls, event planning guides and everything else under the sun is set for the National Go Red For Women ‘Red Dress Dash’ coming up this Friday in NYC.  I’ll be joining my friends, Shermane, Eva and Tamara whom I met at the launch party last September.  These women are Go Red Women, survivors, whom you’ve seen in the collateral and commercials promoting the Go Red campaign.

Also joining me this Friday in NYC will be Nick Verreos whom you might remember from Project Runway, Starr Jones and Elizabeth Banks, and a super star in my eyes, and sister queen, Elizabeth Malvasia. 

You can take part in the excitement of the ‘Red Dress Dash.’  Go Red For Women is hosting local Red Dress Dash events, similar to the symbolic Dash this Friday where women are coming together to walk, strut or stride, to pledge their commitment to the cause tell us why they ‘Go Red.’

A big thank you goes out to Monica Flores for inviting me to take part in this event.  Monica and her team are beautiful people inside and out.  It is truly an honor to help raise awareness for the #1 killer of women and to work with such a talented organization.

If you’d like to make a $5 donation to support Go Red For Women, please follow this link today.  Thank you in advance for your support.
Janet Bolin


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