Where Does it Go?

National Heart Month is all about raising awareness of the #1 killer of women-heart disease. People everywhere are getting involved in Hoops for Heart, Heart Walks and Galas, all fundraising money for the American Heart Association!

Participating in the Tri-Cities Heart Walk! My team raised $1,000!!

So where does the money go? Donations to Go Red For Women help support efforts to educate women and to fund breakthrough research by the American Heart Association that helps ensure women are represented in clinical studies.

Since 2004, through its fundraising efforts, Go Red For Women has contributed almost $44 million to women-focused research and has provided additional funds to life-saving educational programs and tools for physicians. Wow! 

Check out http://jurneesjourney.org/MissTeenInternational2011.aspx and donate to Go Red!

Jurnee Carr


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