National Spay Neuter Month

February is going to the dogs! This month is National Spay/Neuter Month and Responsible Pet Owners Month! It’s time to celebrate!

Being a responsible pet owner not only means taking your dog out for a walk or spending time with your cat by the fireplace, it also means getting your pet spayed or neutered.
At a spay/neuter mobile van that was parked outside of my father’s business!
Here are some health benefits of spay/neutering:
  • Aggression toward other dogs, particularly for males.
  • Territorialism, being overprotective of the dog's home ground.
  • The desire to escape from the yard and seek other mates in the outside world.
  • Dominance.
  • Marking territory.
It also relieves male and female pets from certain tumors and cancers, and multiple other health issues.
Be a responsible pet owner and get your pets spay/neutered! Don’t forget: World Spay Day February 28th!
To find a low-cost spay/neuter clinic near you, click here:
Jurnee Carr


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