Focus on Fitness

The fitness portion of the Mrs. International Pageant allows each contestant the chance to show off all their hard work they’ve put in at the gym.  If you are a State Title Holder or on the horizon to compete for a State Title, remember this phase of competition is not to compare you to another female.  Instead, this phase is where you can let your eyes to all the talking.  It’s true. 
Some contestants don’t have a chance to focus on their fitness until they get involved in the pageant.  If you just started a workout program, or are in the middle of one, make the commitment to yourself to love yourself.  Love who you are when you are on-stage.  Walk with pride, hold your head up, smile and exude confidence.   The judges want to know they are crowning a strong woman and that woman is you!

Janet Bolin


  1. how do you think they go about scoring a pregnant woman vs a non-pregnant woman? while a woman may have fab abs, how can they tell youre a fit woman even with a bump?


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