City of Brooklyn Park

I was so honored when asked to come speak to my hometown, Brooklyn Park, during the city council meeting. Before my presentation, the city council and many of our community residences discussed the benefits of park systems in the community, more specifically, the benefit of art in community and public artwork in the parks. I was very interested in this and of course voiced my opinion, strongly in favor of implementing more creativity and large-scale artwork in the community.

I think it is so necessary for each town or community to have a piece of artwork that represents their town and that draws in many visitors. Think about the Millennium Bean in Chicago. Everyday, thousands of people come to see "the bean". It represents innovation, strength, community, and growth. I love that! It is so unique and has become a tourist attraction because of its popularity. It bring a greater purpose to the park. Without it, I think the park would loose its power and popularity.

I will be working with the Youth Council to implement a public display of artwork honoring adults and volunteers in the community to who read or donate books to children. I am hoping this is just the first of many new art projects in the Brooklyn Park community.

When it was my turn to speak, I was presented with this lovely proclamation of recognition and congratulations. Which states:

Whereas, on March 11th 2012, Krista Wanous was recognized by the Miss Minnesota International Pageant for successfully competing in four areas of competition - interview, evening gown, fun-fashion, and fitness-wear.
Whereas, the Miss International Pageant System has been developed to promote today's young women and their accomplishments, being the premiere pageant for young women to open doors to explore world cultures and have opportunity to share beliefs and make a difference; and
Whereas, Krista excelled in the interview portion of the pageant, speaking about her platform of healing lives through creative expression. Her passion for the healing arts is strong, as it helps countless numbers of children each year deal with emotional pain through drawing, painting, sculpture; and
Whereas, Krista chose her platform based on personal experience, she herself used the healing arts to get through difficult emotions; and
Whereas, the Brooklyn Park resident and former 2000 Brooklyn Park Ambassador also represents her hometown effectively and professionally, being able to successfully compete in many image-oriented categories such as evening gown and fitness wear competition; and
Whereas, there is only one Miss Minnesota International and Krista Wanous was the one and only winner.
Now, Therefore, I, Jeffery Joneal Lunde, Mayor of the city of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, do hereby recognize and congratulate Krista Wanous for this outstanding accomplishment and extend to and wish her the best in the upcoming national Miss International competition in Chicago.
Each member of city council came down from their seats to shake my hand and give their warmest wishes of encouragement and congratulations. To say the least, they were pretty excited when they saw me in my new gear as Miss International 2012! I will blog about updates as more progress towards greater public artwork displays and projects happens.

XoXo - All My Love,

Krista Wanous
Miss International 2012


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