Alabama International Favorite Moments

It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that I began this journey of a lifetime! As I was updating my calendar for the upcoming months, I cannot help but be excited about all of the state pageants that I am going to attend. Of course, as the Miss and Miss Teen Alabama International pageant approaches, I am overwhelmed with bittersweet feelings. As many of you know, I competed as Miss Teen Alabama International at the Miss Teen International 2012 pageant.

I have always been a HUGE admirer of the Miss Teen International titleholder. Living so close to the Competitive Image definitely has its perks. I was always so excited when the titleholders came to have their photos taken because I knew I would be able to meet them. Around the age of 13, I decided that the International pageant system was definitely the system for me because of my love for community service and involvement. In the years leading up to the year I competed, my mom and I traveled to Chicago to watch the competition. I cannot even put into words how excited I was to finally have the crown of Miss Teen Alabama International 2012.

I knew that the title of Miss Teen Alabama International was a huge responsibility. I imagined a year of stressful preparation for nationals in Chicago, but I was so wrong! The months leading up to competition were actually anything but stressful. The title of Miss Teen Alabama International was an absolute blessing to my life. I became more confident in my beliefs and in myself in general. I had the opportunity to become more active in the Miracle League and Shane’s Inspiration than ever before. I know in my heart that my friends—new and old—and my loving family are the sole reason that I believed in myself and my platform as much as I did at nationals and do now. Pictured are several of my absolute favorite moments from my year as Miss Teen Alabama International 2012.

Every year, the Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center throws a huge Valentine’s Day dance for all of the special citizens in Dothan and the surrounding area. We enjoyed a night of dancing (LOTS of dancing), delicious food, and fellowship. At the end of the night, Breanne was crowned Miss Valentine’s Day 2012. I even got to crown her!

Michael Frichter is not only one of my absolute favorite Miracle League players, but he is also more like my little brother. Michael’s dad and my step father are the owners of the Wiregrass Cardinals, travel baseball teams. We have literally traveled the country together. I will always cherish the memories we have made on the Miracle League fields!

My Shane’s Inspiration buddy, Peyton, brought a light into my life like no one else ever has. Most people see Peyton’s physical appearance and view him as disabled. However, in my eyes, Peyton has extraordinary abilities. He sees the beauty in every person and situation, something I only wish I could do.

If I could slow time down, I definitely would! I cannot believe that it has already been a year since I began my “journey to the crown”. For all of the state titleholders reading this, CHERISH the memories you are making right now. I know how easy it is to focus on winning the “big title”, but the memories you make and the change you create are what truly matters. You have already received the blessing of a lifetime. I hope you live every day to the fullest!

All my love,



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