Birthday Cards for Ethan!

As many of you have seen on the news, a recent school bus shooting and hostage situation took place in Midland City, Alabama. The Midland City area is about five minutes from my home, so this affected our town dramatically. Ethan, the then five-year-old child who was abducted, recently celebrated his sixth birthday. Schools and families in the Dothan area made birthday cards for Ethan. Both students and adults participated in this fun activity! 

As I carefully planned to make a card that would interest a soon to be six-year-old boy, I could not help but think of how blessed I am to live in an area that abounds with so much love. Soon, news of the “Birthday Card Project” traveled around the country. We received cards from as far away as California to give to Ethan’s family. You can only imagine how thrilled we all were to here that not only did Ethan receive his cards, but he was able to enjoy his birthday right where he belongs…with his family!

Thank you all for your prayers and concerns during this tragedy!

Love always,

Caroline Crowley


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