Go Red for Women Symposium

During my reign as Miss Teen International, I have had the wonderful opportunity to become involved with the Alabama Gulf Coast American Heart Association located in Mobile, Alabama. Today, our chapter orchestrated one of the largest Go Red events in our area, the 3rd annual Alabama Gulf Coast Go Red for Women Symposium, where I served as one of the keynote speakers. The Go Red for Women Symposium is an event that serves solely to educate women about heart disease prevention.

The event consisted of exhibit viewings, breakout sessions, and a luncheon. Every sponsor in attendance set up an informational table to promote their area of expertise. Springhill Medical Center offered free health screenings that include a blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI check, along with an in depth evaluation on each person’s nutrition and exercise habits. Another sponsor sold raffle tickets to win designer red purses filled with over $1,000.00 worth of gift certificates in each purse! My favorite table offered heart-healthy cooking demonstrations by The Pampered Chef. Who knew heart healthy food could be so delicious?!

The “purse table” was definitely the most popular!

Over 500 women decided take action against heart disease and Go Red!

Thank you to our sponsors for the wonderful goody bags each woman received.

I was given a table to sign autographs, and I was even featured on the news!

After the exhibit viewing, several breakout sessions, or seminars, were available. These included Health, Fitness, and Nutritional Tips; Update on Heart Disease: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, & the Challenges Ahead; Zanshing Jujitsu Demonstrations; and Heart Healthy Cooking Demonstrations.

The final and main event came in the form of a luncheon. Dr. Clara Massey was named the 2013 event Honoree for her work in the area of cardiology at the University of South Alabama. I then spoke to the audience about what we, as teens, can do and are doing to prevent heart disease. Then, Ms. Janie Walters spoke about the power of optimism. She is definitely one of the most powerful, entertaining, and hilarious speakers I have ever heard. She has a unique way of relaying her message that most definitely leaves an impact on her audience.

We enjoyed a heart healthy lunch provided by the Marriot Hotel in Mobile.

Ms. Janie Walters has definitely inspired me to continue in pursuit of my goal to obtain a degree in Communications. She is one of the most empowering and outgoing women I have ever met!

Caroline Crowley


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