Arkansas Children's Hospital

During a recent trip to Little Rock, Arkansas, I was delighted to spend several hours at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital at Camp Wannaplay.  This hospital is dedicated to the needs of children who need top notch medical care.  Even though the doctors and nurses take their jobs seriously, they haven’t forgotten about the children’s need for fun and distraction.  Camp Wannaplay is directed by a dedicated Recreation Specialist who ensures that the children on her floor have a fun variety of activities rangeing from crafts to the ever-popular video games.

During my visit the specialist prepare an activity called no-snow globes.  This clever leader re-purposed baby food jars by gluing a fun plastic action figure to the inside of the lid and then filled the jar with water and glitter.  Once the lid was screwed back on the jar acted just like a snow globe.    You can see that I had to make one too!

Always focused on queenly activities, I brought a supply of puffy paper crowns and princess stickers just in case a little girl needed a smile.  I made one crown that featured flowers and Princess Peach in honor of one little girl’s favorite character from Mario Cart, another fun feature of the play area. 

If I had a child with a medical issue I would feel comfortable putting them in the capable hands of the staff at AR Children’s Hospital.  The bright colors, cheerful staff and the creative therapies work together to make it a comfortable place for healing. 


Krista Wanous
Miss International 2012 


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