Mama Tina's Food Ministry

One of the first things visitors notice about my hometown of Dothan, Alabama, is the Southern hospitality that abounds. Since I have had the opportunity to travel around the country this year, I have definitely noticed that we live at a much slower pace, which I have grown to appreciate more and more. In our community, people feel a strong responsibility to take care of others. One example of this is Mama Tina’s food ministry.

Mama Tina’s is a soup kitchen founded by a lady that is known in her neighborhood as Mama Tina. Growing up in the same impoverished neighborhood, she knew that families in our area were in need of hot, nutritious meals. She began to cook for people in need in the neighborhood. However, she quickly realized that the need for food was far greater than she could supply alone. As word spread, our community came together and created a plan to ensure that Mama Tina never ran out of food to serve. Different organizations supply food on a monthly basis, whether it is one day or one week per month. When that particular organization is in charge of supplying food, they send five volunteers to help serve the food and minister to those in need. My church, Covenant United Methodist Church, provides food during the last week of every month, which is when my mom and I serve food.

Last Friday, as I served food and watched Mama Tina at work, I began to think. If one elderly lady can feed over four-hundred people a day, imagine the difference we are all capable of making! Although Mama Tina initially did not have the resources to help as many people as she wanted, she never stopped believing that together, we can achieve anything!

I strongly believe that about the International pageant system. We are more than pageant contestants. We are a family of women who share the belief that is our responsibility to make the world a better place. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for stepping up and taking that responsibility. Together, we can and WILL make a difference!

I love you all!



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