Honors Brunch 2013

I think one of the most frequently asked “pageant questions” is, “Would you rather be beautiful or intelligent?” For me, that answer has always been very simple…intelligent! My parents have instilled in me a pride in my school work from a young age. I can distinctly remember practicing my coloring every night with my mom when I was in preschool, so I would not color outside of the lines in class. Even though it may seem silly now, I know that she was teaching me to value diligence and hard work, because in the end, it always pays off!

After twelve years of balancing youth group, spending time with friends and family, dance, cheerleading, piano, school clubs, the title of Miss Teen International 2012, and my school work, I can finally say that I am done with high school! I will graduate as a member of the National Beta Club and Honors Society with an Advanced Academic Diploma and grade point average of 111.23. WHEW!!! I have to say that I am so relieved!

However, I definitely was not the only one in my school system who successfully juggled extra-curricular activities and school work. Our school system recently held a brunch for the Top 10 students at all five of the schools in Houston County. We each were presented with an award for our academic achievements and were asked to tell about our future plans. As I watched my friends step up to the microphone as today’s basketball players, cheerleading captains, and club presidents to tell about their goals, I knew that we are all destined for an amazing future!

Honors Brunch - The Top 10 Students from Ashford High School

Caroline Crowley


  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments Caroline! When your heart, soul and mind are in the right places you are blessed. Choosing like minded friends does make a difference. You will do well in life and surrpass your dreams. Put God first in your life and always remember what your parents taught you (even when it seems ridiculous). And always let your beauty Shine from inside out!
    With love and respect,
    Joy Cameron, Mrs. Montana International


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