Leaving my Mark in Chiang Mai

Creating community service art projects is another way that Cultural Canvas enriches the lives of children.   On my third day, I worked with some other volunteers to create a colorful entrance for the children of Hope Home.  Each volunteer artist was allowed to decorate a band of color that would wrap around the entrance pillars.  After a bit of brainstorming the message of my section was clear, I would write ART HEALS in English and Thai and incorporate the hand print logo associated with the organization that has given me so much inspiration, Free Arts Minnesota. 

It was so much fun painting this mural. It was a sticky, hot, muggy afternoon but we didn’t mind the heat. Our rainbow mural turned out to be a colorful and delightful addition to the Hope Home entrance. 

My handprint and a piece of my heart will forever be left in Thailand!
And, my heart will forever be left with these wonderful women I got to meet during my journey. I will miss you all!


Krista Wanous
Miss International 2012 


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