“Pageant Week Ready”

Most people ask me what my secrets for success were at last year’s Miss Teen International pageant. The best advice I can give you is to walk, talk, dress, and act like the queen. While there definitely is no exact formula to follow to win the coveted crown, there are several techniques that I use to help me succeed in whatever I do. One of those techniques is organization.

While you are in Chicago, you are representing your platform, your state, country, or region, and the International Pageant system. During pageant week, your schedule will be very hectic. After practices, you will not have time to go to your room and attempt to put together an outfit for events. Backstage, it is so important that you have all of your clothes, shoes, and jewelry ready to change in to immediately after you leave the stage. Although this may seem extremely hectic, I have compiled a list of helpful techniques to make sure that you are pageant week ready!

1 Take Notes!
Most of the time, my brain moves faster than my body! I am notorious for forgetting things. However, I have made it my mission to become more organized. I have found that taking notes is the best way to ensure that I never forget anything. I have one notebook that I write down all of the tasks that I need to complete. I simply check my notebook before I begin my day to make sure that I am prepared for all of my events!

2 The Spreadsheet
My mom and printed out a detailed spreadsheet for my outfits. We used phrases that we could recognize, so please excuse our strange descriptions! The important thing is that you can quickly identify which outfit, shoes, and jewelry to pair together for each event. We also included reminders of what to bring to each event to ensure that I was always adequately prepared. We made a separate spreadsheet for competition nights.

Make sure that you label EVERYTHING that you bring with you. I included my name, title, contestant number, and phone number to ensure that if I lost or misplaced any of my belongings, they could be returned to me. Remember that each contestant will have several of the same items, so it is VERY important that you can positively identify your belonging. You do not want to accidentally take someone else’s competition items or lose some of yours.

4 Individual Competition Jewelry Boxes
A family friend gave me monogrammed plastic jewelry boxes labeled for each phase of competition. They were a life saver! I could easily find my jewelry backstage, and I did not have to worry about losing earring backs or breaking my jewelry.

5 “Pageant on Wheels”
My “Pageant on Wheels” box is actually a huge rolling tackle box that I painted and bedazzled. It held everything that I could possibly need in case of an emergency. You can NEVER be “too prepared”. Do not count on other contestants to have the supplies you may need. I included a sewing kit (which was used on more than one occasion), extra earrings, body tape, snacks, all of my hair and make-up tools, lotion, Q-tips, paper towels, etc. It is probably my favorite “pageant accessory” because I can keeps all of my things together. I keep it assembled all of the time because I know I can toss it in my car and be prepared for whatever life throws my way!

Have you ever noticed that you are able to keep yourself together a lot better when you are calm? I am definitely that way! Keep your goal, to spread awareness about your platform, in mind throughout your week at competition. If you know without a doubt that you are prepared, you will be able to communicate calmly and present yourself in a graceful, “queenly” manner.

All my love,

Caroline Crowley


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